"Providing Love & Care While You're Not There"

Kennels are booked for Spring Break and 10th Mountain's Block Leave. April 12th - April 28th "Welcome Home 10th Mountain Soldiers"

Kennels will be closed for Business June 12th-22nd and August 28th-Sept 7th There will be no exceptions for boarding.



Hours : Monday-Saturday 9am-12noon; Monday-Sunday 4:30-6:30pm

Mel's Kennels reserves the right to close and open as seen fit, there may be days the kennels will close early due to family or other related issues. 

Mel's Kennels does not Ban any Breed of Dog or Cat!                   

<~~This picture of the kennel building is with the doors shut, doors remain open during the day to allow for the breeze to flow thru during summer and keep them cooler along with 3 different fans with two windows on the left side facing the play yard. Nice trees to shade them and the play yard at all times, at night the doors are shut to give them privacy and allow them to rest better!  This also allow them to be warmer during cold weather, while the heaters are on. There is one more step to complete enclosure and all will be the way I have always dreamed! 

Dreams do come true, mine happened Feb. 2011 when I boarded my first client!

 The photo's above show the inside. Kennels are large and spacious there are two different sizes making it possible for larger dogs to board together from same families. and smaller dogs to board together in the smaller kennels and there is plenty of room for their things and the dogs to be comfortable.





Dreams do come true, mine happened Feb. 2011 when I boarded my first client!

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 If you are visiting my page then you must be looking for a boarding facility for your pet/s. 

  I want to assure you if you are looking for a place that will treat your pet/s like family, look no further. I give my boarders the best care and attention physically possible,your pet/s will not just sit in their kennel for hours during their stay. 

  I am a small facility, I want to give each pet I board the individual attention they deserve. No Dog/cat is to much for me, so don't worry if your pet is a little difficult it's no problem. I have patience and experience to handle them.

My building is in a nice, quiet location on my 3acres, right down from my own home, I can actually see my kennels from my back yard my place has major shading during summer time,so your pet/s will always be well shaded during their playtime and rest time. 

{Improvements are always ongoing as I make the place the best for the best, your fur-babies!}


DESCRIPTION: In my building I have AKC kennels they are very roomy, they have a peaked roof (6ft tall) with covers I have 11 kennels, 5 large (6x4x8) and 6 small (6x4x4) leaving plenty of space for the pet/s, big or small, to relax and sleep comfortably. Now during colder months arrangements will be made to keep your pet/s comfortable with extra bedding and during the summer and the Louisiana heat, there will be fans blowing nonstop along with the cool shade trees and overhead shelter, also wading pools to cool off during playtime.

I am able to board cats, building is under construction but I have board cats already, my cat kennels are very spacious with levels they can jump from, plenty of space for food/water bowls and litter boxes, more than one from a family can share one kennel with ease,also the building has A/C for summer, and heat during the winter.


I recommend all pets be spayed or neutered but it is not required. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, 1 or 3 year Rabies will be acceptable. All pups must have had their parvo/distemper boosters (at least 2) before boarding and need to be 12 weeks which is old enough for Rabies also the Bordatella is  required. (some exception can be accepted on emergency boarding needs) Kennel cough can become dangerous if contracted and I do not want anyone's pets becoming sick. I keep a very clean facility, and want to continue disease free. 

The only thing your pets will get from my place is lots of love, perhaps a little dirty from playing, and tired from so much fun! :) your pets safety and comfort is my #1 Priority!



It's recommended all dogs be on HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE  if you are not familiar with HEARTWORMS PLEASE CLICK HERE! 

           Please Protect your pet from these parasites, Heartworms can kill your pet even with treatment if contracted.....Call your local vet to schedule a screening for your dogs! Heartworms are life threatening to a dog and cat.


 My facility is close to the wood line, it is also recommended your pets be on flea and tick preventative, I have not had an issue with fleas/ticks but it only takes a couple to start an infestation and wildlife is in the woods. I will do my best to prevent any pests from getting on your pets, but i can NOT 100% guarantee it.  This is why preventative from all parasites (internal and external) is HIGHLY recommended for the welfare of your pet boarding here.